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About Yoga Flow & Wellness Center


t's something different for us all that brings us to a yoga class. Perhaps it is to increase flexibility, gain strength, enhance physical fitness or to relieve stress. At each Yoga Flow studio, you will find that whatever your motivation is for being there, you are welcome to our family.

Yoga Flow offers a variety of vinyasa-based classes in a heated room. Vinyasa simply means flow. We believe that by incorporating the heat, flow and attaching breath to movement, you are more equipped to not only reap the physical benefits of fitness and cleansing of the mind and body, but you will also awaken your spiritual side for the ultimate combo – mind, body and spirit.

When you roll out your mat at Yoga Flow, you open a door within that leads to personalized spiritual growth. The tools that walk you through that door include the soothing atmosphere of eastern sounds, revitalizing scented oils, peaceful candle flames and encouraging, yet challenging routines.

Each student is encouraged to explore the ancient practice of yoga in our safe environment, unveiling new perspectives about themselves and the world. Each teacher brings their own unique style and paths to enlightenment, all while staying true to the Yoga Flow philosophy of mind, body and spirit.

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