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Dominique has been teaching yoga since 2002. Yoga has completely transformed her life. She was drawn to yoga for the peace and tranquility that she was searching for in her own life, giving her clarity of mind and strength of body. Dominique has witnessed the healing energies that occur when you step onto your mat and let go of the outside world for 75 minutes. Her teaching style combines her light sense of humor and strong intuition to feel what her students need in each class. She teaches you how to release your fears and step into uncharted waters with confidence. You never know what to expect when you step onto your mat. She naturally takes the monotony out of everyday life, letting your soul go on an adventure and your body and mind detox with each and every yoga pose. 

Dominique is a registered teacher and yoga school through Yoga Alliance. She currently owns 5 yoga studios. The Yoga Flow studio is proud of its own unique Vinyasa flow but most importantly rooted in the breath. Each posture is guided by the ujjayi breath and as long as you use the breath you're doing yoga whether it is moving or resting. She is very grateful for all of her instructors. Dominique says, "When you open your doors with the intent of spiritual transformation the right teachers and students will roll out their mats. Life is short and we only have a number of breaths to leave a positive mark on the world. Use your breaths wisely." Dominique has traveled the country attending various workshops but says she learns the most from her students. She instructs an annual teacher training program and has helped over 300+ people fulfill their dream of becoming certified yoga instructors. When you let your light shine you give others the permission to do the same.

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