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Alyssa Rupp

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Alyssa found her passion for yoga from a young age and has been able to develop her understanding of the practice over her 3 years of training. She has learned to not only love the practice, but enjoy the entire spiritual journey she has gained from her experience. At the age of 16, she completed the YogaFlow teacher training and has since been teaching at a variety of the YogaFlow studios. Alyssa is forever grateful for Dominique and Michelle taking her under their wing and showing her how to express her passion for the practice in her teachings. Alyssa would not be where she is today without her yoga-loving Dad and twin sister who have supported her every step of the way and never cease to miss one of her classes.

Alyssa’s goal as an instructor is to help others find mindfulness and self-expression in their own practice just as she did in her own journey. She is inspired by creative sequences and focuses on creating a unique series in every flow.

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