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Lex Virtue

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I’ve been practicing yoga since college; I enjoy feeling the connection to my body and it allows my mind to focus, calm, and let me ground myself, especially when feeling anxious or scattered. During the pandemic I dove deeper into my practice, challenging my mind and my body in healthy ways, making a commitment to get on my mat every single day.

At the end of 2022 I felt a calling to teach again. I was proud of how far I had come, the strength I’d gained, and the positive effects it had on my mental health. My bachelors is in health and physical education, so wholistic approaches to healing, reducing stress, and staying active are very important to me. I feel like sharing my experience with yoga and how it has helped me throughout many transitions in my life is how I want to give back and help others find the same magic I feel on my mat.

The first time I taught a yoga class, I felt like I was home. The energy in that room is incredibly palpable, and it recharged me like nothing else.

I’m beyond thankful to Yoga Flow. Dominique and Michelle’s TT expanded my knowledge, and it felt like everything just clicked. I have so much gratitude for this beautiful practice that brought me closer to people who match my frequency.

I’m so happy I get to share my knowledge and passion for what I love with all of you! I’m looking forward to meeting you on the mat!

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