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Kevin Medovitch

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Kevin’s first yoga class was in 2010 due to recurrent back pain.  At that time, he wore glasses which he had to take off during the hot classes.  His initial reaction to yoga was feeling disconnected because he couldn’t see anything to follow the cues and he wasn’t flexible.  However, after 10 classes in the first month, he was relieved when he noticed his back pain was finally gone.  During the second month, he was surprised to experience an emotional release in camel pose.  That unexpected experience created a sense of wonderment towards the potential of yoga.  

As time passed, he attended workshops, read books on spirituality, and eventually attended a few meditation retreats.  He also got lasik and can see during class.  There were stretches of time without yoga, but a consistent yoga practice was reignited in 2018.  The official teacher training classes began in January 2022 with Yoga Flow.

Kevin is most interested in how yoga allows us to let go of old energy patterns so we can find alignment with healthier flow states.  As we consciously hold a pose, there is an increase in awareness of our reactions.  Some reactions are physical sensations, while other reactions in a pose are unexpected emotional patterns.  We discover most reactions are not consciously chosen, as if we were running on programs.  Continual practice of yoga can help us to let go of those old energy patterns that are not in alignment with our intention.  Yoga realigns the energies with our intention for healing, inspiration, and strength—both on and off the mat.  Progress not perfection.

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