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The Cosmic Calendar - October 2023

Tarot Card: 3 of Cups, Halloween Tarot 

The three of cups tarot card

Community, Friendship and Celebration 

Happy Halloween! 

The 3 of Cups says that community could be the central theme for October. New friendships are on the horizon and they could prove to be beneficial for not only the colder months ahead but for years to come as well. With autumn in full swing, tactile experiences induced by spiced root vegetables, homemade cider & Meade, raking leaves, sweaters and warm butter pumpkin breads could soothe the senses and warm the soul. 

Friendship has traditionally proven to be a powerful healing balm for the bruised and battered heart, and this year is no different. The barren wombs of the past, friendships that no longer work, are released. It’s time for the new, collaborative tribe. 

The 3 of Cups also says that you could find a rare treasure in the heart of a stranger and a great amount of pleasure in the exchange of simple, kind gestures. The universal 2 x 4, the wake up call, has evolved into the cosmic nudge, saying ‘follow your bliss’ in that loud, surround sound, whisper, that you can feel in your bones. 

That’s the right path; even if involves long hours, patience, understanding, hard work and taking risks. Especially, if it includes those things, is what I hear Spirit saying. 

Situations, that at one-time, seemed to be very strange bedfellows, might align nicely now. The Eclipses this month are singing ‘give love a chance, let it grow’. Release the desire to micromanage the Universe, let yourself be placed exactly where you need to be. 

October is shaping up to be a good month for grass roots connections and sustainable ideas regarding financial abundance and quality of living. Communication is key with the 3 of Cups, as well as for the astrology of the month.

I’m drawn to the hands on the back of the central figure suggesting emotional support and feeling uplifted by those who are seen, and are near and dear. 

And, encouraged by those not seen with the naked eye, who can only be known now through the truth of the heart. Loved ones in Spirit have your back, too. 

This is the seed of the coming together that occurs after major upheaval and challenging times and reminds us once again, that we are in fact, all in this together. 

Book for the Month: The 5 Love Languages, The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

Astrological Transits 

October 4th - Mercury enters Libra - Relationship Talks. ‘We need to talk’. Yikes, who likes to hear that? This month maybe we all should. Why? because this is not only about the difficult things. 

We need to talk about the positive subjects such as ideas, new paths, dreams and goals as well as challenges. If there’s a problem, try talking it out and give the other a minute to hear it. Heart to heart talks, getting to know each other, in the old fashioned, face to face communication way allows us to feel each other’s energy, our truths. Emotions can deepen and take root, allowing connection and understanding entrance to the heart. 

‘What’s your love language?’ Wink, wink.  Find out and let people know.

Mercury wants to be heard and Libra wants to be seen, together they could do a tango like no other. Practice means stepping on toes sometimes, if that happens, simply remember that it’s part of learning how to dance. Apologize, allow the other to accept, and keep on going. 

October 8th - Venus enters Virgo - Acts of Service. If there ever was a love language for Virgo, it’s acts of service. So when Venus, love and abundance, steps into the realm of Virgo acting on the wisdom of the heart takes center stage. This is usually in practical ways such as voleering, barn-raising and offering your time and energy to a cause that benefits humanity. 

This is the opposite of ‘pipe-dreams’. There’s nothing more reassuring than prosperity increasing at a steady pace and Virgo is the one to plant those seeds. They might not sprout until Spring, but when they do, you’ll be amazed at the breadth of the return. 

October 10th - Pluto goes direct in Capricorn - Oh Pluto, how you spin me around. Pluto has been retrograde since May, 2023. Going direct again means that old power clashes still unresolved, could reappear. 

Pluto won’t back down in Capricorn until all cracks in the foundation have either been repaired or torn down. Simply put, this energy will let you know where you still need to make changes. At the end of this, January 2024 (November 2024 really but energy takes time to fully shift and I’m trying to keep this simple.), foundations will be rock solid or non-existent. 

The key; Change. Shift your mind-set from scarcity to abundance, from isolation to togetherness, from loss to growth, from illusion to practicality, from old to new. 

October 12th - Mars Enters Scorpio - Aggressive energy that goes deep. Scorpio is all about power. So is Mars. This is an excellent time to awaken to where your true power lives and then allow that to penetrate to your core. Mars in Scorpio says that there is no better time to commit to the healing process than right now. This is a second chance. 

If not, allowing self to be ruled by old ego wounds that create chaos and conflict in life could prove to be very damaging. This will be a powerful time that could spur tremendously healing inspiration or trigger nefarious fits of rage. How this is channeled into the world is a personal choice. Preferably, a conscious one. 

October 14th - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra - New beginnings that require finding balance, and keeping it, are pronounced with this New Moon Solar Eclipse. After allowing old karmic cycles to funnel out, the new karmic cycles begin to show themselves with this eclipse. A great time for going deep and seeking out information about personal karmic patterns; meditation, reading the signs of manifested mirrors and having professional readings could prove invaluable. 

October 22nd - Mercury enters Scorpio - Conversations could turn toward the deep end with this lovely duo. Profound truths could come into awareness that could shift perceptions in very powerful and healing ways. The potential for resolution occurs after the nudge from previous transits of the month. Waking up and releasing old pain could spur a brand-new life path all together. Or, allow the knowing that the path your on is the correct one and why. Embracing authenticity and remembering Self/Soul before speaking, could be wisdoms way on the 22nd. 

October 28th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - Creative, sensual and prosperous, Taurus loves the broad intimacy, and the twist of lunacy, that comes with the Full Moon. This twist makes it the perfect energy to escort in All Hallows Eve on October 31st. 

Creativity could be at its peak so if you’re struggling with artistic endeavors look for this to be the catalyst for a fresh wave of energy. The floodgates open and it seems that the Muse is looking to the golden child for some fabulous funk. Don’t be afraid to lap this up and be sure to document those creative creatures.  These ideas could keep the finances in the black for quite some time. 

Opportunities appear that might simply be easy and beautiful. It’s up to you to say yes or no. Could they be too good to be true? Maybe, but with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse more likely they’re just good opportunities. A lot of planets will be direct by the end of October. The time is ripe for ships to come in, so staying open could prove to be very fortuitous. 

Either way, eclipses bring about much needed change and this one seems to lead toward more creative abundance, fun and freedom all the while making a difference in the world. 

Now that’s Divine!!

The challenge that comes with this much energy is maintaining a focus for an extended period of time. We’ll talk more about that in November, where the energy is that of the Knight of Swords reversed Tarot card, so it lines up perfectly. Creative genius is always accompanied by anxiety, so have some tools in place to offset some nervous energy in constructive and healthy ways. 

October 2023 could be a tremendous month for creative and spiritual growth, accompanied by the fellowship of like-minded souls. Support is available on many fronts and folks just might be ready to take up the helm and guide the energy forward in progressive, new directions. In other words, that means we might be getting back to work. Venus really is in Virgo!

Book for the Month: The 5 Love Languages; The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

Much Love, 


Firefly Kix, Tarot 

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