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The Cosmic Calendar- June 2023

2 of Wands Tarot Card
Card from Morgan Greer Tarot

Card of the Month  

2 of Wands: Spiritual Empowerment and Physical Progress 

With the 2 of Wands, June is a great month to take an overview. Whether its relationships,  career, finances or familial situations there’s a strong potential that in a short amount of  time, they could take a turn for the better. Much better!  

So prior to moving forward it’s good to consolidate the growth, to see where you’ve been,  what you’ve learned and what it means to you.  

Then make a plan. A sustainable, enjoyable, abundant personal and professional plan.  

What has meaning for you? What do you feel deeply in your heart? What speaks to your  Soul? Include that in your plan.  

The reason we say overview is because the 2 of Wands usually indicates someone standing in  a higher place such as a rooftop, mountaintop or treetop. Elton John wrote beautiful songs  on the rooftop and Neil Peart, formerly of the band Rush, tapped into his wisdom as he  hiked to the mountaintops walking off his grief after the loss of his beloveds.  

When we can see further down the road we feel empowered about going there, about  moving forward, about moving on. So making decisions to remove obstacles, such as  wounds that need to be healed or behaviors that need to be corrected, really does put us on  the right path. Compassionately confronting ourselves first means that thorny challenges get  worked out internally, we don’t blame others and we begin to make progress.  

Pain and fear have less of a hold on us and relief is in sight.  

If we choose to avoid and run it only serves to increase the size of the obstacle or fear and  can leave us vulnerable and in a disempowered mood. That’s the 2 of Wands reversed.  

Look squarely at what bothers you, holds you back or otherwise causes problems and then  solutions will begin to appear. You may find with the 2 of Wands that the obstacles may not  truly exist now but simply be a by-product of the trauma of the past.  

If there are obstacles, dealing with them clearly and directly will lead to satisfying resolutions.  The Universe truly does have your back and that begins by your having your own back, in a  simple and mature way. 

All that’s required is that we be willing to raise our vibe and move toward a satisfying and  fulfilling conclusion.  

The worst that happens is that we forego our almighty ego for the blessings and gifts of a  loving and true Spirit. Then you really can feel that the world is in the palm of your hands  and you’ll be encouraged to leave the safety of the comfort zone for the open road of  adventure. Spirit will not encourage that until your ready, so get ready.  

Now on with the astrology for the month: 

June 3rd - Full Moon in Sagittarius 

Full moons tend to emphasize what’s meaningful for us and Sagittarius represents freedom,  universal values and spiritual growth. The positive, is the freedom loving vibe of Sag, so you  may have new visions of what really sets you free and a true desire to soar to the heights.  The negative of our beloved Sag, is the tendency to avoid pain missing out on the rewards  of real growth. Face the pain, it’ll be brief and the joy that follows will flow even more  powerfully, than the river of tears you’ve cried.  

June 11th - Pluto moves back into Capricorn until January 2024 (Then moves into  Aquarius for about 20 years) 

For the next 6 months, we’ll revisit the issues of the past 15 years with a deeper and truer  desire for resolution. You can only rehash the argument so many times until it eventually  dawns on us that no-one really wins an argument. However, because of the argument itself, we’re all  lifted to a higher level of awareness and insight. 

With Pluto, if you don’t gain the insight, especially about yourself, you lose the battle. The  answer to this ‘final’ is that change is the only constant in life and that things won’t and can’t  stay the same. It’s not, do you want to progress and move forward, it’s how, you progress and  move forward. In this day and age of constant doing and egoic striving that’s a challenging  one to figure out, so we want to share that pearl with you.  

June 17th - Saturn Goes Retrograde  

Saturn is the task-master, the teacher, the tough-lesson giver so this going retro until  November 4th to me means revisiting our responsibilities and over-hauling how we handle  them. You may find that you’re not responsible for things you previously thought, can  release those burdens and new projects and challenges appear.  

In short, work smarter not harder is the motto here. Learn, grow, be happy. Your  responsibilities will match your capabilities perfectly. You won’t be given something that you  can’t handle. You could also be wrapping up long cycles of hardship and this is the test to  see if your willing to set yourself free or stay shackled to the suffering. 

June 18th - New Moon in Gemini  

My intuitive feeling is that this will be a beautiful new moon. There’s always a chance in our  day and age that complications could occur but there seems to be a just a touch of intelligent  magic happening here. Like the blending of ideas for better outcomes. I’m imagining the  caduceus, the healing symbol of two snakes moving upward to balance the opposites. Ideas  for healing will be pronounced and this is a perfect day for setting new exercise routines,  sustainable and practical diets and overall improving your skill sets. If you’re looking for a  magic carpet to ride upon this could be the day/days you find it. Intend to do more yoga and put  yourself in the spiritual flow. Yes, that’s a shameless plug for Yoga Flow (not intended by them), but after all  they are the best.  

June 30th - Neptune Goes Retrograde until December 6th 

Now, Neptune is the planet of spiritual awareness and awakening. Psychic visions could be  very pronounced and you could feel compelled to connect with the cosmic consciousness  for an extended period of time. This is lovely, beautiful and powerful. Commit to your  meditations, write down your intuitions, ideas and visions for your personal inner work and  don’t look to the approval of others. They won’t know either.  

The word of caution is to not mistake your psychic leanings for truth before you’ve explored  them. Neptune is also elusive, crafty and confusing. You could pick up on other lifetime  experiences and project misgivings that aren’t accurate for the time, otherwise known as  ‘bleed-throughs’ from other timelines being experienced by the over-soul. Practical plans  could go awry so being fluid, flexible and patient will win you rewards. You won’t be needing  psychedelics for this, that will feeling will flow naturally.  

So to sum it up, Empowerment comes when we learn to deal with obstacles from a  higher perspective with resolution being the goal. This liberates the energy that’s  wrapped up in fear for psycho-spiriutal evolution through new visions of healing,  responsibilities we feel capable of handling and actually feeling excited about  opportunities and new beginnings. It might just all seem so simple after so many  years of hard work.  

Much Love,  


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