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The Cosmic Calendar - November 2023

The Hermit 

The Wisdom of the Hermit says to look within…not to the computer. Meditation is a time-honored discipline that helps cultivate self-awareness and self-healing through relaxation. A better relationship with self means allowing the higher self to guide your thoughts and actions. 

The hermit tarot car

The last couple of months of the year is a time for ‘hibernation’. Downtime can be used to allow the entire system to slow down giving our minds and bodies a much needed break from the intensity of the fast-paced world. Less light outwardly is an opportunity to explore the inner world in search of ideas, creative inspiration, or connection with Soul, to be In-Spirit. 

The number 9 symbolizes completion, the end of a cycle or chapter of life. The next pages, still unwritten, will arrive with the dawning of the new day. But for now we look to see what we have learned, what we know to be true, where our love lives and how we can distill that into something meaningful and utilize that towards our true purpose. The decay of the past is the fodder for the new foundation which is the platform the next generations will be standing on. 

Even though old is ending the message here…is to always be beginning, searching and learning. 

Astro Bites - 

11.4.23 - Saturn goes direct in Pisces. The lessons resume and father teacher summons the discipline of our conscious awareness within the school of life. There is excellent opportunity now to practice your intuitive insights in the everyday, mundane world. Making it exciting and grounded at the same time. Pouring your soul into your work in the world leads to a greater sense of mastery in your chosen craft. 

11.8.23 - Venus enters Libra. Venus is exalted in Libra making this a wonderful time to meet friends and lovers alike. Your likely to meet members of your soul tribe with this vibe and it can offer up a long-awaited and genuine sense of feel-good. Meet and greets and great opportunities to turn strangers into friends warming the heart and balancing loneliness or loss. 

11.10.23 - Mercury enters Sagittarius. Communication in freedom loving Sag can be witty, intelligent, quick and flirty. Add a little dose of universal wisdom and you just might have an actual in-person conversation on your hands. Sagittarius loves to have fun so keep it moving and you’ll find some excellent adventures light the fire in all the right ways. 

11.13.23 - New Moon in Scorpio. Look for a refreshing does of depth that doesn’t linger on too long with this new moon. Scorpio is deep and powerful and the new moon is flashy and fleeting, together we could get glimpse of magic. Make a wish, falling stars don’t hang around forever so soak it up while it lasts. 

11.22.23 - Sun enters Sagittarius. Universal knowledge comes naturally to the Sagittarius Sun, only they might not know it. It might be easy for the next month to mistake deeper truth for common wisdom. Know what you know and realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. But that you’ll eventually know that too. And let that be alright. 

11.24.23 - Mars enters Sagittarius. With the Sun and Mars in Sag intuition and adventure are both on the table. Awakening to truth and acting on that makes for unforgettable experiences and a sense of accomplishment. Good chances that arrow is going to hit its mark and leads to success. Watch the tempers and impulsivity as the good could be overshadowed by a lack of self-control. 

11.27.23 - Full Moon in Gemini. Confusion could loom large as a split mind could be amplified. If you need to make a decision try making it from the heart. If you have time put off choosing that path until the moon wanes a bit. Maybe by the next new moon in Sagittarius. 

Closing doors to the past help end a cycle with dignity and respect with the Hermit card. Putting away the devices as you do some soul searching helps your system purge the electromagnetic disturbances from your system as well as bring clarity as to the next steps. 

Overall thought the month should offer up some good times that restore a little faith in the almighty smile even if it doesn’t bring the certainty you were looking for. 

Much Love, 


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Cosmic Calendar is a monthly update on the spiritual weather for the month provided by Rebeccca Bloom. Rebecca is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Drumming Facilitator. She's been practicing professionally since 2002. She resides on the East End of Pittsburgh with her Master of Zen and beloved Therapy Cat, Sampson.

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