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Tracey Salah

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Tracey’s yoga journey started w yoga videos at home in 2017. She loved the different styles and how the breath was key. First time in an actual studio was 2019, in Murrysville. Her son brought her to class. And it opened up so many doors from there… The most important concept with yoga is it’s an individual journey. Each soul, each body, each day is different. Learning to love herself and truly grasp yoga is a practice on the mat and off the mat,  has allowed me to grow as a mom, as a wife, daughter, and has helped her to understand how much we are all connected. Doing hot yoga provides a sense of cleansing and clearing for Tracey.

Tracey enjoys learning new techniques for yoga and is completing a course on breathwork. She hopes to inspire students to try new styles of breathing and using the breath to enhance practice on and off the mat.

She loves spending time w her boys and husband. And taking walks w Pepper, her Jack Russell. In addition, Tracey volunteers and teaches summer yoga classes at the park by house.

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