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Ralph Martino

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I walked into a yoga studio 6 years ago, after having just lost 100 pounds and had buried my Mom and sister.  At the same time I was a full time caregiver for my Pops. I was under an extreme amount of stress from life and I was too cool to turn to drugs and alcohol to escape.  Having just transformed myself into living a healthy lifestyle it was only right to continue my fitness evolution and begin to train my brain.  I walked into my first class nervous not knowing what to expect, I had always been under the assumption that yoga was for rich white ladies, grandmas and hipsters.  During that class we did some psoas stretches and it was like 30 years of pressure and stress left my body. Not only was I sold on yoga, bu I had to tell the world! My voice can only reach so far so it was a no brainer for me to get certified to show the world.  If a reformed gangster like myself can benefit from yoga - anybody can. Oh, and it's not just for grandmas and hipsters.

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