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Penny Lecky

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We show up on our mats for our own reasons but it’s through our independent journeys and this shared practice that we all connect.

Focusing on the external benefits of exercise for the majority of her life, Penny shifted inward after being diagnosed with cancer. Yoga was her gateway to connecting the mind and body and finding inner peace and mindfulness on and off the mat.

With an overflow of gratitude for the practice and the community, Penny became a teacher in 2020. Combining her love of yoga and her other love, music, Penny’s classes encourage you to breathe and flow at your comfort level while push you to grow and find your edge through her creative sequencing.

This water loving Jersey girl sees the mat as an island. A peaceful sanctuary where you show up for yourself and by yourself with a powerful ripple effect which extends far beyond yourself once you leave the studio. When not in the studio you can find her on her paddle board.

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