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Spring Equinox Celebration (108 Salutes)

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May 6-13 2023
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Haramara Retreat Sayulita is a first class, yoga focused, eco-retreat setting described as where “Robinson Crusoe meets Architectural Digest.” This exclusive and intimate seaside oasis offers guests a magical and idyllic experience just outside of Sayulita Mexico in the beautiful Riviera Nayarit.

Enjoy vegetarian meals made from fresh organic ingredients and hand-built private cabanas free of electricity. There’s also a totally private exclusive beach. Every part of Haramara Retreat Sayulita is carefully designed to focus on refreshing and rejuvenating your personal wellness. There are also two strategically positioned Yoga Shalas on the property, allowing guests to take in panoramic and ever changing views of the mountains and vast Pacific Ocean.


Private Individual Cabanas

Single Cabana     1 King Size Bed           $3,200
Double Cabana  2 Queen Size Beds    $2,600
Triple Cabana     3 Single Beds                $2,300
Quad Cabana.    4 Single Beds                $2,100
Dormitory            8 Single Beds               $1,900  (Women Only)
$300 Deposit to hold your Cabana Non-Refundable

Additional Information:
  • Buffet breakfast will be served by kitchen wait staff, wearing gloves and a mask.
  • Lunch and dinner will be served individually at each table by waiters provided with washable gloves and masks.
  • The operation of the kitchen service will comply with the established cleaning and hygiene protocols, which include the use of  white washable gloves and masks, as well as the disinfection of all products at their reception.
  • There is electricity in the Dining Lounge to use Laptops & Charge Electronics
Airport Transfer Shuttles:  

Guests will be met outside customs at Puerto Vallarta airport and brought directly to Haramara.  The shuttles will be spaced accordingly.  

Onsite Arrival:

Temperatures will be taken as guests arrive. The reception staff is trained in order to respect the rules of healthy distance and hygiene. The suitcases will be disinfected before they are taken to rooms. The welcome snack remains as traditionally offered with the assistance of the waiters.

Spring Equinox Celebration (108 Salutes)

Mar 19, 2023
12:00 am

The spring equinox is a beautiful time of year and has so many positive attributes. If you have never celebrated this time,why not try something new this year and give it a go. The spring equinox marks the beginning of new things and comes right at the change of the season when things are starting to turn green,which represents renewal & the clearing out of the old to bring in something new. Spring cleaning is not only about our homes but also our hearts and minds as we allow ourselves to let go of what we no longer need in order to move forward. We will clear out by practicing 108 Sun salutations. Sun salutation is itself practiced as a sacred practice and when repeated 108 times in a row enhances its spiritual as well as physical significance.

Open to all levels-(you don’t have to do all 108)

Cost 30$

No heat

Blue Lotus tea will be served

Light snack after

Shadyside Yoga Flow

Instructor-Michelle Planert

Sunday 3-19-23 @ 12-2 pm

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