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Dec 11, 2021
9:28 pm

In just 5 short months, become a Yoga Flow and Yoga Alliance Certified teacher. Yoga Flow has one of the best reputations for helping aspiring teachers gain the knowledge to be successful, safe, and well-respected. Yoga Flow is the only studio in the Pittsburgh area that has a community class training program that allows our trainees to teach actual yoga classes for an entire year as part of their training. Yoga Flow Teacher Training has certified over 150 teachers in the Pittsburgh area. Our training program walks you through learning the foundation of the asanas supported by the history of yoga as well as tuning into the spiritual energy within the yoga room. Yoga Flow has a unique Ujjayi Vinyasa sequencing created by Dominique Ponko. Our program led by Dominique and co-director Michelle Planert will prepare you to design a well-balanced yoga class and help you to pursue your dream of becoming an instructor by giving you the tools to share with others what Yoga has given you.

What to Expect:

  1. Six Week Intensive Saturdays & Sundays
    Saturday Trainings will be in our Aspinwall location 12:00 PM- 7:00 PM
    Sunday Trainings will be in our Aspinwall location 12:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    January 9/10  
    January 17/17    
    January 23/24
    January 30/31    
    February 6/7   
    February 13/14
    Totaling 85 Hours
  2. Four once-a-month meetings in our Murrysville Studio
    Sundays 11:15AM - 3:15 PM

    March 17
    April 18
    May 16
    June 20
  3. You will then be required to assist a Yoga Flow teacher for 2 classes a month. You have the option if sitting in the back of the room taking notes on the teachers cues or walking around and adjusting the students (or a little of both). Each class you assist will be counted as 2 hours.
    Totaling 20 hours  *These hours can be completed at the Yoga Flow studio or studios most convenient to you.
  4. Each 'teacher in training' is required to take 40 Yoga Flow classes within the 5 months. This equals roughly 2 classes per week during the 5 month training. You may take as many or as little classes a week to compliment your work schedule. It is required, however, that you have all 40 classes completed before you can receive your certificate.  We have noticed that the trainees with the most success practiced twice a week or more. And we suggest the more, the better.  All 40 classes over the 5 months course are included in the cost of tuition. Each of the 40 classes will be counted as 2 hours.
    Totaling 80 hours  *These hours can be completed at the Yoga Flow studio or studios most convenient to you.

The training totals 200 hours of a Yoga Flow Level 1 Teacher Training. You will be certified through Yoga Flow as well as Yoga Alliance, enabling you to teach anywhere in the world.

5 months unlimited yoga included in the tuition. Teacher Trainee will be responsible for regular Yoga Flow membership after the 5 month program has ended. Yoga Flow will provide the Training Workbook.

Trainees are responsible for the required books:

Quantum Yoga by Laura Baumann: the new expanded edition printed in Spring of 2013.
Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff: second edition

What is teacher training like??

“I took my yoga teacher training at Yoga Flow and did not realize how much they taught until I started going to other studios to practice and teach. Yoga Flow really prepared me and I honestly feel like they set me up for success, I’m so grateful to have learned from Dominique and Michelle. They are so detail oriented but also keep the training FUN! Thank you so much for being a guiding light for my journey and my life, I LOVE Yoga Flow and all it’s Yogis.

Namaste, Marisa Class of 2019

$200 Training Deposit is Non-Refundable

If trainee chooses to withdraw from program within the 6 week intensive the trainee is responsible for paying  the month of withdraw.

If trainee chooses to withdraw from the program after 6 week intensive trainee is responsible for payment on month of withdraw.

Tuition must be completed as of June 14, 2022

When registration is complete this terms apply.

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