Stevie Scott

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After having my son I decided to change career paths and go back to school to become a nurse. For several years I felt consumed by being a full time nursing student, working full time and being a new mom. I promised myself that when I finished school and settled into my career that I would find a hobby or something to call my own.

I had always been drawn to yoga, but never really found a studio or instructor that made it feel more than just stretching and a workout. After coming to yoga flow I was instantly hooked. I loved the flow, the breath work, the instructors, and the sense of community. It was more than just a workout; I was finally connecting and healing my mind, body and soul.

My style of yoga- I enjoy holding postures and isolating muscle groups to gain strength and confidence both on and off the mat. I try to offer many modifications so you can find what feels right for your body on that particular day. Savasana is my favorite! There is a euphoric feeling you get after working hard and moving your body for 75 HOT minutes and then slipping into a tranquil state of mind in savasana. I feel that Yoga looks a little bit different for everyone and that is the beauty of it being “your practice”.

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