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Nicolette happened upon her first Yoga Flow class with friends in 2010 after having only popped around to various yoga classes in college. Yoga Flow quickly became her other home during particularly stressful years of her life. She found the ujjayi vinyasa style to be healing for her mental and physical health. Nicolette completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Yoga Flow in 2015. She finds joy in the fact that many of her passions—movement, music, peace, poetry, and being barefoot—are pieces of the practice of yoga. She encourages her students to find release from their outside lives by cultivating self-love that is fueled by a deep focus on meditation, breath, and mindful movement. She hopes this inner focus can help others to live more present and peaceful lives. Off of the yoga mat, Nicolette can be found wandering the city by bike, working in the Pittsburgh nonprofit world, exploring natural spaces, and traveling to new and exciting destinations when life allows. Nicolette is grateful to be part of the Yoga Flow family, a truly amazing group of students and teachers.