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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Leigh has found she is happiest when she is consistently, physically active. Always looking to try something new, she wandered into Yoga Flow in 2010. Following her first yoga class, she was mesmerized by the amount of emphasis placed on breathing alone. Continuing to work on her practice, she tried several other studios around Pittsburgh, but somehow always found herself back at Yoga Flow. In April 2014, she was feeling the effects of some major life events; she began attending class more frequently than before. At this time she found herself doing things she once thought she couldn’t. It was then when she truly developed a love for the physical, mental, and spiritual side of the practice. Convinced that yoga was something she would like to have with her for the rest of her life she completed the 200-hour Teacher Training program through Yoga Flow in 2015. In the same year she finished a local Yin Yoga teacher training program to integrate more stillness into her life. Her training has not only deepened her practice, but also opened her eyes to all of the lovely people in the Yoga Flow community. Outside of the studio Leigh can be found spending time outdoors, finding new places to travel, and cherishing memories made with animals, friends, and family. Leigh hopes to share that yoga is for everyone; all you need is a positive attitude, an open mind, and your breath.

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