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Having been a ballet dancer since a young age, Jackie has always found her soul the happiest when moving her body in long, fluid movements dependent on control and grace. She had practiced different types of yoga in the past, but never stuck with it until a particularly rough season of life brought her to Yoga Flow thanks to some dear friends. It was then that she became enamored with Yoga Flow's signature vinyasa style - the way the breath synced with the postures, and the gentle heat allowed for a deeper, meditative stretch - reminding her of dance. She became enthralled with the way the world melted away when she walked through the studio doors, the way no one judged her there, and how each posture had a deep meaning behind it, separate from exercise. Having relied heavily on the kind, soothing words of her instructors and the way yoga kept her heart open and her soul alive in a daunting time, she knew she wanted to give that to someone else and went through Yoga Flow's teacher training. Her classes focus on quieting the ego and the listening to the soul, releasing the negative and making room for positive energy to flow, while educating students on the "why" behind each posture, in a safe environment, free from judgement.

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