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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Heather's yoga journey began in college in New Orleans, taking Hatha classes at the Loyola gym for exercise. After college, she found herself in Chicago where she began a work study at Bikram Chicago's Lincoln Park studio. As her practice deepened, she became more drawn to the duality between mind and body and the strength both can possess. Whilestudying in Chicago, she attended workshops by the late Jason Winn. When she moved back to Pittsburgh, in 2007, she found herself yoga-less in a city as of yet without a Bikram studio. In the midst of trying out new styles and studios, she found herself at Yoga Flow, and immediately felt at home! Since beginning her Vinyasa practice, she has attended arm balance and yin workshops led by Dominique and Michelle, a West Coast Flow workshop led by Tammi Tsai, and a Tantra workshop led by Psalm Isadore. Having finally found a style and studio that embraced and encouraged her practice fully, she realized her path would eventually lead to spreading her love of yoga through teaching. She received her Yoga Alliance certification through Yoga Flow in September of 2010, and is excited to share her love of and dedication to yoga with others. She believes in the healing and life-changing power of yoga, and approaches her practice as a way of life.

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