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Amanda has been practicing yoga regularly for 17 years. Initially starting as a way to ease low back pain; she came to realized the true benefit of yoga laid not in the physical aspects of the practice but the peace of quieting her mind and relaxing her body. Her mat has become a source of calm and relaxation in an active bustling life with her husband and 4 children. In early 2013, she felt pulled to open herself to a new experience by enrolling in Yoga Flow’s Teacher Training program - initially not intending to become a teacher, but to learn more about alignment and to deepen her own practice. Amanda was given an opportunity to teach a kids yoga class at Yoga Flow, where she found leading young children (including her own!) in a yoga practice added depth to her own practice and helped her to remember to not take a yoga so seriously. Teaching adults and kids alike has become an experience that she looks forward to each and every time with enthusiasm and excitement. When not on her mat, you will find Amanda with her large, loud family including several cats and a happy dog. She has a passion for real food cooking and healing the body naturally.

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