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Focus of the Month


Cosmic Curtsy

Cosmic Curtsy

It is done by bowing the upper body forward, bending through the knees and sending one leg behind the other with the knees touching.


vast, immeasurable respect for our ever growing universe

Also known as Curtsy Lunge, sometimes referred to as Laughing Lotus or OMG pose.

“cosmic” representing the vastness, infinite universe and “curtsy” representing a gesture of respect or reverence – come together to create this beautiful strength-building posture. The challenge of this posture is intended to open our minds up to the limitless possibilities of growth in our ever expanding universe. This posture demands a level of submission – to both the pose and our practice as a whole; we bow our crowns to everything that is out of our control. To everything that is coming together for us. We acknowledge it, thank it & soak in the measureless proof of evaluation in our practice.