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Focus of the Month


Parsvottanasana: Pyramid pose

Pronounced (parsh-voh-tahn-AHS-anna)

parsva = side, flankut = intensetan = to stretch or extend (compare the Latin verb tendere, “to stretch or extend”)


Building your strong foundation

The Pyramid represents the sense of harmony and unity within ourselves and with the environment to which we aspire. The individual building blocks of the pyramid are lessons we have already successfully completed, i.e. the ability we have already learned of how to live the basic rights of existence. As soon as the top of the pyramid has been built to the necessary height and the whole structure has been cleanly rendered the highest goal can be said to have been reached: We are then in perpetual harmony with ourselves and our environment.

  • A pyramid does not build itself. Whoever wants to build a pyramid must really want to do it and of course he must also do it. Just to speak about it or to draw plans is not sufficient!

If a person wants to develop further he must want this for himself and then actually carry it out for himself. It does not happen automatically.