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Focus of the Month


Salamba Sirshasana (Supported Headstand)

In Sanskrit Salamba means “supported” and Sirsa translates as “the head”, asana “posture.This posture is also referred to as “the king of Yoga Poses” due to its’ countless benefits, ranging from relieving stress to strengthening the arms, legs, spine and core. Sirshasana is therefore considered one of the most important yogic postures to which many yogi's are drawn to. Journey with us as we explore not only supported headstand but many of the other variations of this great pose.


Turning Your World Upside Down

THEME: Practicing the headstand reminds me of my commitment to put the Divine first. Rooting my feet in heaven aligns me with my spiritual lineage, whose nourishment is available to me here and now. I place my head on the ground as a prostration of gratitude and with the intent to ground my thoughts in my own experience. Lifting up into the headstand, I am connected to the sky, to the light, to the invisible realm that is powerfully life-sustaining. In this position, supported by Heaven and Earth, I find balance. ॐ Dominique