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Focus of the Month


Binding Postures

We are breaking the binds of 2018 as we head into 2019! December will be our month of binds.

What's in a bind?

Yoga teaches us that in order to overcome or change something we must first acknowledge and accept whatever that is, as it is. In a sense, we have to become one with our challenges. Are you finding yourself in a bind recently or throughout this year? We will be practicing binding postures all month long to break free of mental, physical & spiritual binds in our lives to move forward fresh into 2019.

There are countless variations of binding postures, all of which include rotating the torso and shoulders in order to clasp the hands together. Get creative, have fun we are shaking off the old to

The postures aid in digestion (twisting to bind stimulates the abdomen to aid in digestion).
It also enhances a yogi’s practice by varying an existing posture and taking the yogi deeper into a posture.
Binds gives us an opportunity for a challenge and physical/mental strength building.

Get into your binds this December!


Letting Go, Gratitude, Determination, Connection