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Focus of the Month


COW FACE POSE-all arm & leg variations(GOMUKHASANA)

Cow Face is both physical heart opening and simultaneous rooting. In Gomukhasana, the pose itself is said to resemble the Cows Face with the Arms representing two ears and the cross of the legs represents the lips of the cows. This pose helps remove stiffness in the spine, neck and shoulders. It also stretches the muscles of the lower back, buttocks and knees and helps with backache, sciatica and rheumatism.


BEing down to earth

Gomukhasana translates literally as "COW FACE POSE." GO is a root word that refers to the senses because they nourish the conscious mind just as a cow's milk nourishes our body. MUKHA means passageway. GOMUKHA refers to the art of working with the senses as a gateway to a deeper aspect of the mind. Traditionally, in different cultures, for different reasons, cows are considered with special regard and represent nourishment and abundance. The Cow is also the embodiment of different yogic qualities. They are calm, peaceful, and down to earth. They are also generous and motherly. When the mother cow sees her calf, her milk flows freely and abundantly. The relationship between the cow and her calf is the perfect symbol for the relationship between the earth and its inhabitants. Like a calf, we can give the earth our love while using her gifts in a sustainable and wholesome way.