COVID Guidelines

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COVID Guidelines

Mask required unless you have exemptions which are available when you sign-in.

As another safety precaution we are introducing Thermometers that read body temperature when you arrive. This will help keep our Wellness Center a safe space to practice and help ease our minds as a community.

The following are exceptions to the face covering requirements. All alternatives to wearing a face covering, including the use of a face shield, should be exhausted before an individual is excepted from this Order.

If wearing a face covering would either cause a medical condition, or exacerbate an existing one, including respiratory issues that impede breathing, a mental health condition or a disability.
  • Asthma. ...
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) ...
  • Chronic Bronchitis. ...
  • Emphysema. ...
  • Lung Cancer. ...
  • Cystic Fibrosis/Bronchiectasis. ...
  • Pneumonia. ...

Pleural Effusion


Thank you guys for staying open and giving us this priceless gift of yoga. In the last year I was fired from my job of 6 years when I was 8 months  pregnant, started my own bar/restaurant 4 weeks later, had my baby 4 weeks after that, and then faced the government shut downs 6 weeks after that, when I had only been back to work for a week. Yoga has been my source of peace, calm, and spiritual connection that I wouldn't be able to function without. This new high stress position and all these life changes during a pandemic has been such a challenge to navigate. With all our normal outlets being taken away from us, I am so grateful to still have my yoga. It has been my rock while dealing with new normal we are now facing. I can't thank you enough for letting me come to class and go home more settled, grounded and peaceful for my family. You guys are saving people by staying open!! Your students love you!
As a full time teacher with the continued stress and pressure of switching from teaching in-person, virtually, and trying to do both synchronously, practicing yoga in the Yoga Flow Wellness Center has brought balance to my COVID lifestyle. The negative effects of work place anxiety, social isolation, and intellectual overload have taken a toll on my emotional and physical well being. Practicing yoga in a safe, clean, and carefully controlled environment offers me a much needed positive outlet. In addition to improving muscle strength, heart health, and my overall physical wellness, yoga reduces my stress levels dramatically. The breath work and physical practice calm my anxiety. The spiritual experience of yoga in a studio is so much more effective than using a virtual platform.

After being reenergized by a yoga class, I am able to better emotionally and spiritually be present for my students!
Hey, my name is Cheyenne and I’ve been coming to classes starting this year, and It’s been a first for me. In the beginning, it was a lot of work but I love how it makes me want to be able to push myself and do more.  I found myself looking forward to going to yoga every week and Telling all of my friends and trying to get them to come.  I'm also an anxious person and the breathing that we do in class has really helped me focus in life as well.
In the beginning of quarantine when yogaflow was forced to close down, I really lost my way. I was depressed, overweight and alone. I normally try to see the glass half full, in any situation, but this hit me hard. As soon as the studio was able to open back up again, I was able to get back on track! I was myself again. I lost the weight I gained. And I felt like I gained my family back! I also work in the service industry, so my anxiety from being in public and serving people food was high! Being in the studio makes me feel safe, at home and connected. We all need a little more of this in our lives. If I didn't have a place to practice, then I'm not sure where my mental state would be. Yogaflow is necessary to my well being.
I started attending yoga classes for the first time in early October and am so happy I chose the Shadyside yoga flow studio! I recently quit my day job to focus on a business that I started early on during covid, and yoga flow has tremendously helped me manage the daily stresses that come with being an entrepreneur. I feel I am able to handle challenges/ "problems" with a much clearer mind thanks to yoga. It has also really helped me ease the transition from quitting my job during Covid and is the perfect way to start my mornings/ mix into my daily schedule! Brienne is a huge reason I've enjoyed it and she does a great job helping me clear my head to start my day in the early flow classes in Shadyside.
I have been going to yoga flow for around 11 years. Around 5 years ago is when I started transitioning from looking to it as a workout to using it for mental clarity and peace. I’ve done a lot of schooling and education and yoga truly helped me to keep my stress down. It’s also been great for muscular recovery as well. So appreciative of this studio that makes me feel at home every time I’m there!
I could easily write a paper on how Yoga Flow has helped me with my overall health since I became a student. I found the Irwin studio after a few recommendations from friends. I was at a very low point in my life where I was battling the loss and depression of losing a parent and coping with a divorce.

When I walk into class my cup of weekly frustrations, ego and emotions are filled to the brim. After I leave, I feel like a new person with an empty cup, ready for the week ahead. Even though after most classes I can barely walk lol.

I’m thankful for Dom and Maggie’s kindness and patience in helping me feel safe and comfortable in a whole new world, with all new people, who I know nothing about.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and Yoga Flow. Thanks for all you guys do. You really are making a difference.
The past 9 months have been a roller coaster of emotions for people in all walks of life.  As a family physician, I have seen the devastating effects of stress, fear, and isolation firsthand.  Personally, my saving grace has been my practice of yoga.  The therapeutic benefits of yoga are what has allowed me to maintain my mental, emotional, and physical well being during these trying times.  I routinely recommend yoga practice to my patients to release anxiety, improve strength, prevent illness, and maintain good cardiovascular health.
I recently had surgery to correct some issues related to debilitating arthritis in my feet.  My surgeon believes that hot yoga is contributing greatly to my recovery.  The therapeutic benefit of hot yoga is the best physical therapy for my condition.  Yoga has decreased my overall pain level immensely!
I discovered yoga flow through a friend a few months ago. It was one of the few studios open during this crazy time, and I was in desperate need of in person yoga (online is just not for me). After trying a few different instructors I found I get something different with each one. Michelle kicks my body into shape, turns on my core and makes me work. Dom brings a calming sense to my mind, helps me to center myself, while also making me challenge myself to hold my down dog. Yoga flow has helped me find some calm through the crazy, and appreciate that my mental and physical health are equally important.
In 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to do six months of extensive chemotherapy treatments. After followed  a bilateral mastectomy, next reconstruction surgery, only to have 6 weeks of radiation daily. After healing from that yet another reconstruction. Many tests in between. Needless to say I had side effects...anxiety attacks, neuropathy, bad balance, and became Pre menopausal. I tried walking but that bothered my feet and I had tons of pain. I tried biking but that didn't work either. My friend suggested hot yoga. I decided to give it a try, I mean what the heck after all I have been through what was I going to lose. All it took was one time going and I knew it was what my body needed. Not only did I get a work out but the toxins left my body due to the heat and sweat. My balance improved, neuropathy became less painful, I was sleeping better and most importantly my anxiety attacks decreased. Hot yoga became a necessity, an enjoyable necessity. I am so thankful for my friend who suggested it. Thank you for all your help Yoga Flow. Xoxox
Yoga Flow has had such an incredible impact on my mental and spiritual health. When my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer, those 75 minute classes were the only peace I could manage to find within myself. I will be forever thankful for that time to just let go.
I’m writing today on behalf of myself and my clients. I am a social worker who works in trauma informed care/harm reduction with people who have mental illness. I work mainly with the drug and alcohol population. Since COVID 19 has caused the world to quarantine, the suicide and relapse has tripled.

Yoga and 12 step meetings have been a tool that I have used myself and with my clients for the past 11 years, and its worked!  

Unfortunately, with the closing down of many Yoga studios and 12 step meetings, my clients have suffered tremendously. I believe that losing yoga has been detrimental to so many people causing isolation and stuck trauma in the body. Many people rely not only the poses but the energy a yoga class brings to their practice. It makes a big difference. The energy that results from this practice helps many people get through their day sober and alive.
Hey there Yoga Flow tribe!

I am so happy to write a testimonial for you. It's coming from the heart....

I want to express immense gratitude to Yoga Flow for the past several years that I've been practicing there, and for the past ten months in particular. The classes, workshops, and beautiful souls who teach there have been a shining light that has carried me through the challenges of this year.

Not only has this been a haven for physical health; I have found friends and support, grown spiritually, and worked through the anxiety that I was facing. Yoga Flow is a solid sanctuary that I know I can visit anytime, especially when things get tough.

I could write an essay on all the ways Yoga Flow has helped me this year and beyond. In short, I will say a huge thank you to the studio, all the teachers, and the yoga flow community.Namaste and lots of love!
Hot yoga has been instrumental for my physical and mental well-being. Nothing compares and I miss it right now, especially as the weather turns cold.  I leave your studio feeling aligned, grounded, strong, clean and energized. It's restorative yet challenging.  This year I was also able to introduce several people to your studios who also loved the experience.  Really can't wait to get back soon.
I have been going to yoga flow a lot more and I can confidently say how much better it makes my day! It is a break from all the stress and is a great time for me to relax, strengthen, and release stress!! I always look forward to going because it is so fun and also calming. It is a nice break from all my school work and allows me to have time to myself where i can expand my practice!!
I don’t think I would be where I am today if I didn’t find Yoga Flow. I was feeling sad and overworked. Between family health issues, the election, and the uncertainty Covid brought to 2020, I was feeling a new level of mental exhaustion. I signed up for a class one evening as my “first step” in my plan to put myself first. It was exactly what I needed. I am pulled out of my comfort zone for an hour and 15 minutes. For an hour and 15 minutes, I focus on myself. I can clear my head of what doesn’t serve me. I have opened up more to mental health and feeding my space with positivity, gratitude, and self reflection. Class has taught me that success isn’t just found in a job or how much money you make. It’s maintaining a mental space that allows you to grow and nourish your mind, body, and soul. It’s small victories too. I am not just working out when I am in the Yoga Flow studio. I am learning to show compassion to myself and others. I am learning to focus on what matters. I am learning to continue to learn and love and remain open.
The studio and its teacher are incredible. I am truly thankful to be a student at Yoga Flow!
I started coming to yoga flow about a month ago, by recommendation from one of the teachers. I instantly fell in love and felt so happy to be back at hot yoga after such a big break in my flow. During the pandemic, the thing I missed most was going to yoga. The teachers, community, and space are so welcoming to new yogis, and I feel extremely safe while there. During this pandemic, nothing has been consistent. Since coming to yoga flow, I have found consistency which has transferred into other facets of my life. I feel happier, lighter, and aligned with my higher self again since coming to yoga flow. Spiritually, I can feel my growth from this month. I am so thankful for the Yoga Flow community.
Yoga Flow has been such a lifesaver. With everything in limbo, yoga flow has allowed me to stay calm, breathe, and still have some normalcy. Without it, I would have given into anxiety and fear. The unity of the yogaflow family gives me a grounding, boosts my mental state and has strengthened me through this time of uncertainty. People I meet, notice that I do not live in fear, that I am in a positive mindset and I share about yoga flow. My family notices the difference that yoga flow has made for me and how it has impacted us as a family.

Life changing is a vital part of my journey.
I often tell anyone that will listen that yoga changed my life. As a clinician and professor, my work schedule is demanding. For years, yoga has been my oasis of peace and place to truly let go. During the shutdown in March and subsequent transition to work from home, the isolation and the loss of my yoga practice felt intolerable. It was as if I were spiraling from the progress I made after years of practice. I am so thankful for Yoga Flow opening its doors and holding the space to stay open to students. It is my peace and has made the unpredictability of current times and continued isolation from others feel bearable.
I’d like to share my experience and express gratitude to the wellness center that has helped me more than I can even express!

I never realized the importance of a mind body connection until I discovered Yoga Flow Wellness center.  Every time I go, my inner dialogue that is often chaotic and anxious calms, becomes a little nicer, and my mind becomes clear and recharged. Yoga Flow, coming into my life directly from my psychiatrists referral, has made my condition less of a cross to bear. YF is teaching me that prioritizing my mental health is paramount and I am so happy the fabulous faculty is committed so deeply to helping people like me. They truly are essential to my well-being and I am beyond grateful to have found Dom and her team!

You got this Dom!  Stay the course. We all have your back
As an entrepreneur managing risk and high levels of stress is part of my daily life. A daily yoga practice mitigates my usual day-to-to business stress. But it is even MORE important now than ever to rely upon the routine and consistency of my yoga practice. Naturally, we in the Yoga Flow community practice mindful and consistent safety measures and within that safe framework, YogaFlow has become more than ever an instrumental part of my wellbeing. I am relying more on yoga now than ever to get through these challenging times whether that comes from distance-practicing in a heated studio with other yogis or just receiving a friendly smile with one’s eyes behind a mask.  It is with gratitude that I practice at YogaFlow as they have kept their doors open knowing that yoga isn’t just an “activity” but rather an investment in one’s health—an investment that pays in dividends esp during a crises. Thanks to Dom and the entire yoga staff for recognizing this need.
This year Yoga Flow allowed me to maintain a schedule when nothing else in my life was certain. When the studio reopened I was able to go on Wednesday nights and be around fellow students, a great instructor (Maggie), and have a great, sweaty workout. One highlight of the year was a Saturday morning class with Dominique in Murrysville. I had woken up and felt like I didn't want to go so I cancelled. I stayed in bed for a few minutes but talked myself into getting up and getting ready. There were still openings on the schedule for class, so I signed up again but was running late and forgot my mat. Dom was so kind and gave me back my class credit from the late cancellation. She also didn't pressure me into buying a mat, but I chose to. It could have been a bad morning, but Dom didn't make me feel guilty at all and completely understood. Then we had a great class. Thank you Yoga Flow!
I recently moved to Castle Shannon and found yoga flow pretty recently. Since the pandemic hit I was not keeping up with my practice and my mental and physical health was paying the price. Yoga Flow has been so welcoming and I find peace in every class from every instructor I have had. Thanks for providing such a safe place to recharge! This studio has been a shining light these last few months.

Thanks for all you do!
Yoga flow brings peace, calm, and community!  Thank you!!
I love attending class at Yoga Flow. During quarantine, I would YouTube different classes and I definitely like the style of teaching at Yoga Flow so much better than some of the other studios. I loved the online platform, it was so nice to have when the doors were closed due to coronavirus. I was still fortunate enough to be working during Covid but my hours were cut, so it was nice to be able to have a relaxing workout on my days off. Once the doors were able to reopen, I did come back and it made life feel somewhat normal again. Being able to get back into a routine and see people again who share the same passion as you. Love this studio, love all the teachers, recommend  this studio all the time when people ask where to practice yoga.
I am a health care worker. Covid has caused added stress to everyone this year.

Stress is bad for our health.

A good wellness program to reduce stress is yoga. The poses keep you strong. The breathing calms the nervous system. Yoga 3 times a week helps to keep the body, mind, and spirit strong.
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